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What’s your average bow shot?

If you’re ‘a little bit country’ or if you’re a country boy who can survive, you have more in common with America’s Founding Fathers than you did 50 years ago. And, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Read More

Here’s What A ‘New York Compliant’ AR-15 Looks Like

April 3, 2014
A Missouri-based gun manufacturer announced this week that it will release a line of “New York Compliant” rifles, a market-based response to the Empire State’s strict new gun laws. “With the continual trampling of the 2nd Amendment in New York, Black Rain Ordnance is proud to announce their ‘New York Compliant’ rifles,” the group said in a statement on its website. “These rifles feature all of the quality and craftsmanship of the standard BRO-lines, but with the added features that allow for...

EPA Raids Ammo Company for “Environmental Concerns”?

March 28, 2014
We have been following that the EPA has moved to shut down ammo suppliers since the failed attempt to pass gun control through congress. Now it looks like the Environmental Protection Agency is at it again. The EPA raids one of the last standing ammo manufacturing companies for “environmental concerns”. According to the local NBC affiliate, USA Brass had a surprise waiting for them at 9 AM Thursday morning. In Bozeman, Montana, the local company that has been doing business for years making and...

California Senate's Top Gun Control Advocate Arrested for Firearms Trafficking

March 26, 2014
California state Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) -- one of the state's strongest advocates for gun control -- was arrested Wednesday on charges that include scheming to defraud citizens of honest services and conspiracy to illegally traffic firearms. Yee, 65, was seized at his home during a string of raids that capped an FBI public corruption probe. The San Francisco investigation focused on Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, who federal authorities said is the leader of Chee Kung Tong, or CKT, a...

Just When We Thought Colorado Was Going to Pot, Pueblo School Takes Kids to Gun Range

March 23, 2014
Believe it or not, there was a time in our nation’s history when the headline of this article would have done little to stir controversy. Gun safety and training in public schools was considered standard in the first half of the twentieth century. In 1975, New York state had over 80 school districts with rifle teams, and few school shootings before 1989 involved more than two victims. As gun paranoia grew, so did the atmosphere surrounding these gun clubs. By 1999, gun clubs in New York went...

Colorado Committee to Hear Bill to Repeal Restrictions on Rifle & Shotgun Buys

March 18, 2014
Senate Bill 135, sponsored by state Senator Greg Brophy (R-1), is scheduled be heard this Thursday in the Colorado House Judiciary Committee. SB 135 would repeal restrictions in state law relating to the purchase and sale of rifles and shotguns in non-contiguous states, and permit the purchase and sale of firearms in states not bordering Colorado by both residents and non-residents. This long-overdue legislation will align Colorado with forty other states that already allow their residents to...
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